Tuesday, May 20, 2014

UNO, Ethernet Shield - Web/Arduino/Adam


I used UNO, the most basic Arduino model.

The one I purchased is from the following Korean site, and it is not the original version.
You could purchase it from other sites ( a lot of them sell it ).

This machine gives off a lot of heat ( enough heat to make me worry about the PCB ).

Arduino UNO from http://www.nulsom.com/

Ethernet Shield

This is an original, I purchased it from plughouse (Korean site).

Ethernet Shield

UNO + Ethernet Shield + RS-485 Shield

Let's stack all 3.

Arduino UNO + Ethernet Shield + RS-485 Shield

Photo with ADAM!

Arduino UNO + Ethernet Shield + RS-485 Shield, Adam-4050, LED & Switches

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