Friday, May 30, 2014

Testing: Temporary Test Board(volume) + ADAM-4017 + RS485 + Arduino UNO + Ethernet Shield

Temporary Test Board + ADAM 4017 + RS485 + Arduino UNO + Ethernet Shield

I tested connecting volume to CH0 of ADAM-4017.
I used same source voltage.
Because input range is set to ±10V, if voltage is over +10V Arduino code shows it as +10V.
I didn't cut the board because I was too lazy it is easier to turn the knob with the board like that.

Schematic for volume attaching

I am attaching schematic for volume attaching just in case.
CH0 - CH5 on ADAM-4017 is differential, and CH6 - CH7 is single ended.
Thus, Vin0- has to be set to GND.

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